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We’ve all been there.

Things didn’t work out the way we wanted and now it feels like everything sucks. Not only does everything in our present suck, everything that’s happened, and everything that’s going to happen sucks too.

Life sucks.

Then circumstances change, the sun comes out, and everything resets and some hope emerges; and the pattern continues.

Emotions are complicated. They’re strong, and can often feel overwhelming. When we’re upset, everything seems to change, and we can feel like we’re losing our grip on life.

We’re not, I promise.

These emotions have been with us since mother nature had our knuckles dragging on the floor. They helped us escape danger, they helped us kill to protect ourself and have a meal, they also kept us moving when our bodies screamed “no more!”. In a modern world, the relevance of these feelings may not make as much sense, but that doesn’t mean they are any less a part of us.

Practicing mindfulness (in other words, paying attention to ourselves) is a great way to keep emotions from getting the best of us. This is a slow, and often difficult process, and many will opt to find a quicker solution instead. Those short term options may have their own set on consequences, so be careful.

We need to take care of ourselves to ensure we don’t break down from the inside out. That includes making healthy decisions; healthy includes the foods, peoples, and thoughts we put into ourselves.

Only we have the power to improve the way we feel about ourselves and our life.

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Much Love
Kanwer Singh
Humble The Poet

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